Success Stories

All the Meta4Kids Stories solve a problem or inspire an action from your child. Here is a quick guide of stories and their topics to help you find the story you need fast.


Topic Story 1 Story 2
Bullying The Bubble The Computer Controller
Cleaning Teeth The Fast Boat
Constipation The Baseball Player
Cope with Change The Hermit Crab
Eating Healthy Food Annies Rainbow
Emotional Protection The Bubble
Emotional Trauma Moving House The Computer Controller
Fears and Phobias Fly and Be Free
Getting Kids to Stop The Stop Lights
Going to Sleep Dolphins at the Beach
I can do anything The Light Switch
Inspire The Princess
Listening to Parents The Train Ride
Nail Biting The Rotton Fish
Remembering Disk in Mind
Self Confidenc The Light Switch The Ocean
Self Esteem The Mouse Cage The Bubble
Shyness The Quiet Achiever
Toilet Training Its Raining The Slippery Slide